the dreslyn

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 6.20.11 PMcoming from new york and still considering myself very much a new yorker (once a new yorker, always a new yorker, right? don’t answer that.) i adore delivery.

groceries, wine, chinese food, insomnia cookies…and designer duds.

yes, you read correctly – designer clothes that are delivered right to your door. (i mean…let’s talk about dream world.)

what once was reserved for the stylishly elite of manhattan, has finally made its way to la la land in the form of the dreslyn.

brainchild of fashion world veteran brooke taylor-corcia, the dreslyn is a west coast dream featuring a bevy of enviable brands, killer editorial and lust-worthy home goods (why, yes i would like a set of brandished tea lights thank you). i like to think of it as net-a-porter’s younger, spunkier little sister.

and did i mention they do delivery?

i mean, if that doesn’t have you then i just don’t know what will…

go. shop. do delivery.


the catalog of my dreams

squeal! christmas has come early. LITERALLY.

neiman marcus’ christmas books is out. deep breaths. every year i wait with bated breath for their christmas catalog of delights.

while the clothes may be nice and the shoots may impress, it is the fantasy gifts the put a skip in my step. this year the gifts range from a mere $30,000 to a cool $1.1MM, offering even the most modest of hedonists a chance to get in on the fun.

(the fact that my bank account does even register on the luxury richter-scale is really a non-issue. i’m banking on some sympathetic gajillionaire reading the post and so forth taking pity on my meager soul by purchasing 1-3 of the below items. i’ll also take a cash check if that is preferable.)

1) jetlev R200 – $99,500 – yup, that water-propelled jetpack that let’s is users hover 30ft in the air and coincidentally also causes it’s users to face-plant from 30ft in the air. regardless it’s pretty neat and i am fan of water propulsion. and while you may think the price is expensive for a a hovercraft, neiman marcus throws in a boat, a pilot certification course and radios so you can gab whilst hovering.

2) bulleit woody tailgate trailer – $150,000– while i have never been or heard of a tailgate quite as high-brow as bulleit’s, i figure you are never too old to learn. and i happen to be quite fond of learning things that involve bourbon.  leather furnishings, wood finishings (handcrafted from reclaimed bulleit bourbon casks…of course), glassware, a flat-screen tv, blu-ray, a surround-sound system, plus a one-year supply of bulleit bourbon. truth be told, if i had this i wouldn’t even go out anymore. i would just invite friends to meet me on random street corners for a glass of bourbon and some boogie knights on blu-ray.

3) his and hers 2012 – $1,090,000 – let’s begin with the van cleef & arpels watches: their movement alone took five engineers three years to create. dial scenes become animated (yes, this is an animated watch folks) silhouettes are the hours, shooting stars are the minutes and they each dance to the time across paris landmarks. anhhh…well if this couldn’t get any more romantic, the lucky buyer will also be whisked off to paris and geneva (first-class of course) and given private tours of the van cleef & arpels boutique, atelier and watchmaking workshops (riveting). but they are also providing “remarkable dining experiences and entertainment to suit your preferences,” while in paris, albet i wonder how far someone (read: me) can take that…

and my personal favorite:

4) private dinner for 10 – $250,000 – while this may seem a bit steep for dinner, behold: four of the culinary world’s most notable chefs—daniel boulud, thomas keller, jerome bocuse, and richard rosendale—will be at your beck and call for your own personal feast. in tow they are bringing bertha gonzalez (THE maestra tequilera, duh), to kick off the evening with a serious tequila tasting. my mouth is performing taste bud olympics at the mere thought. the only thing missing is the matching gym membership you’ll need after partaking in such gluttony. but hey i am sure that will make next year’s catalog, and the gym will be located in heaven and god will be your personal trainer.

so who’s up for some shopping?

neiman marcus observations


working in luxury has it’s perks. one – getting a sociology lesson whilst doing your job.

promptly at ten am this morning, i found myself tapping at the pristine doors of neiman marcus rodeo.

what i didn’t expect was the throng of middle to old-aged women standing in the valet cue behind me. by 10:02am the store was teeming with overly-supple socialites eyeing manolos, twaddling prada’s cashmere knits, and trying on baubles that could likely be seen from space.

i immediately thought to myself, so this is where post-prime debutantes come to die.

a singular heard – migrating across the shoe department to make-up to accessories and all not-so-subtly awaiting the feeding trough 3rd floor restaurant to open their doors so they look as if they are doing something mildly productive with their time…or at least CHOSE to do this than having no better alternative.

in a way it was sad. in a way i was jealous. (who doesn’t love space baubles?) but, most of all it was fascinating.

a lightbulb went off. so this is the luxury market. rich (and mostly aging) women who have no clue what do to with their mornings (or money) so they do the wilshire cell block: neimans to saks to barneys (and down rodeo if they are feeling really lost ambitious) all before lunch calls.

had i had all the time in the world (like these women) i would’ve stayed to watch the migrating patterns as afternoon set-in, but since i did have to go back to work (rude) i left the retail safari and handed my valet stub to proverbial peacock of the pack a.k.a my wannabe-actor-slash-valet to be on my way.

quite the educational start to my tuesday.

fashion’s night out – the los angeles edition

fashion’s night out is upon us.

as a displaced new yorker this is almost akin to christmas for me. it brings that little piece of new york and magnifies in la (thank goodness!). having been entirely overwhelmed with the scope of things going on, i have a created a must-hit to-do list for the evening.

rodeo carnival

who doesn’t want to see the twinkling lights of Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany from one-hundred feet in the air…while drinking champagne…on a ferris wheel. oh, and don’t forget the flame-throwers, food trucks, and stilt-walkers. rodeo drive, 6pm – 10pm 

christian louboutin 

luxury isn’t luxury without a little louboutin. this year they are having the hair gods and goddesses of frederic fekkai wigify fashion-focused patrons, while the matrons of make-up forever will don you with bodacious lashes that will make the boys at the abbey quite jealous. and of course more champagne. loub boutique: 650 n. robertson blvd, 6pm – 10pm

refinery 29 + 3.1 phillip lim

lashed and ready to go, why not pop across the street to the refinery 29 and 3.1 phillip lim bash. delectable munchies, flowing drinks and a special performance by the cults (yes, please). maybe you’ll even end up on in one refinery’s street-style snaps. it will most certainly get packed so be sure to get there early. 3.1 phillip lim, 631 n. robertson, 7pm – 10pm 


last but not least, satine boutique in west hollywood, will be spinning some fun times with dj mike, promoting new boot brand cobra society, will of course offering more champagne. by this time i hope the bubbles will be dancing around my head and i can really get groovy. satine, 3184 west 3rd, 6pm – 11pm

just in case that doesn’t do it, a few other amazing options include the beverly center, neiman marcus, fred segal, and paul frank.

ok, ready set, shop!