suite 100

really everyone loves to play dress-up, and as beverly hills is showing us, hotels are no exception. in honor of the great city of beverly hills’ 100th birthday, five choice 90210 hotels are snapping their suspenders, polishing their platforms and readying their whiskey carts for some very stylish suites.

inspired by the fashions, celebrities and artists that wafted through the city over the past one hundred years, each of the suites pays homage to a key decade, harkening back to those good ole days, when too much of a good thing, was always a great thing.


the montage is heading to the 1940s with a stacked chandelier-clad suite designed by nina petronizio. plush lined pillows, a vintage typewriter and a  “champagne” button that brings chilled bubbly to your doorstep, makes for the perfect writer’s retreat – all you need to bring is that 40’s film noir angst.


skirting to the 1950s, restaurant and hotel savant adam tihany, is transforming a suite at the beverly hills hotel. the walls, the menu, the drinks – it will all be dedicated the golden age and one of the hotel’s most beloved guests: marilyn monroe.


jumping forward to the 1960’s the beverly hills hilton will pay homage to conrad himself. whiskey carts, mod furniture and a 1960’s menu (including the prices) will be available to guests. unfortunately, jon hamm does not come with the package.


from minimalism to excess, l’ermitage is indulging in 1970’s glamour with a studio 54-halston-warhol suite, catwalk and spotlight included. mirrored walls, glass tables and an andy warhol ipad photo booth allow guests to explore their inner artists…and whatever else their heart desires.


and lastly, to wrap up the project into a nice little over-the-top ball is the peninsula. modern-day hollywood comes to life in the form of swarovski crystal accents (and by accents i mean, they will be everywhere), a 90-minute in-room diamond massage (because really hands are overrated), and the use of a private cabana for the day (pool boy included –tbd on the speedo though).

if the suites alone don’t tickle your fancy, each comes with a decade-specific concierge, vintage periodicals, and if you pick the right place you might even get that vintage t-bird daddy never let you have.

now excuse me, i have to ready myself for my diamond massage and a pool boy situation.


the view: from moscow with love


in late july, cheery russian president, vladimir putin signed a new visa agreement doing away with the laborious and disheartening us visa process (a.k.a one needs a formal invitation) thereby opening the proverbial flood gates to u.s fanny packs and tampa bay visors.

for those of you that stray from overly-american accessories and are truly interested in lapping up the culture of this rigidly interesting nation, i suggest beginning with the ritz carlton – moscow. (yes, i recognize that the ritz is really not russian by nature, but i assure they have seemed to adapt the culture just fine.)

very much old world soviet meets new world democracy (if i may), the hotel boasts the highest level amenities with an unwavering 18th-century flair – wood carved doors, plush pillows, floating fireplaces, spa space chairs – you know, the usual. with an opulence factor that knows no bounds, and let’s face it in a comical twist of fate (or politics) the russians have come to define the term opulence (have you seen their fur coats, right?), the hotel is packed with a library containing over 800 vintage works, a spa that makes you believe in time travel, and rooms that perch themselves perfectly at the moscow skyline.

don’t forget about their exclusive wine-room which touts the oldest and most exclusive collection of petrus wine or their restaurant aptly named carviarterra (only in russia can you use caviar in the tile of your restaurant…how delightfully pretentious.) from there you can tap into the hotel concierge’s moscow prowess to assemble the perfect tour – the kremlin, the bolshoi ballet, the conservatory…all the while knowing you’ll be coming home to anna karenina and your made for a menage-a-trois-tub.

hey it is vacation…just be careful not to drop it in the tub…tolstoy will be less than thrilled.