a collection take two: garance dore prints

garance dore, my beloved french alter ego, and blogger belle du jour, has released her first set of limited edition art prints earlier this week.

they live up to every bit of her french coquettishness and street style whimsy, and i want need all of them.

WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-le-monde-a-mes-pieds_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-the-one_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-the-last-smoke web-perfectfriends_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-my-cape_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-early-winter_1024x1024 WEB-ART-PRINT-GARANCE-DORE-belle-de-jour_1024x1024  more info, click here.


these kids dress better than you

it’s monday at 4pm, my brain is already non-functioning (thank you weekend) and then i was introduced to the children with swag tumblr

and there goes the rest of my monday.

there are few things i find more amusing than uncomfortably precious kids donning even more precious style. leather jackets, boiler caps, bow ties, leopard print…on a two-year old…i think yes.

let’s be honest, i see it more as a personal lookbook for my future offspring.

eat your heart out harper beckham.