diana vreeland: the vogue years


there has always been air of dignified mystery around diana vreeland. a certain je ne sais quoi of how she turned a simple society magazine into the raison d’etre of the fashion publishing industry.

well now, thanks to her adoring grandson, alexander vreeland, part of her veil has been lifted through the new book diana vreeland memos: the vogue years. the book – a collection of over 250 personal correspondence pieces – is a fashion-fueled journey of creativity, prescience and an unwavering dedication to originality.

perhaps what is more interesting, is that the memos give detailed insight into how a she managed both creatives and the creative process.  notes to richard avedon, cecil beaton, cristobal balenciaga, coco chanel illustrate the nuance with which she operated, delicately cajoling these luminaries into producing some of their best, most illuminating work.

her notes share hints of that special sauce, that ideal formula, the one all we aspiring editors, wannabe game-changers, and deprived fashion writers crave to hold in our back pockets. she seemed to understand that perfect balance between sass and entitlement, between inspiration and execution, and through it all getting exactly what she wanted.

some may see it as ennobled coffee table book, though those who look more deeply (and you know, don’t mind following in vreeland’s footsteps) will see it is a guide for greatness.

be frisky, be direct, be original. be diana.



the view: ecuador from above

it’s monday. and with it has come an undulating wave of procrastination and mind-wandering.

today my walter-mitty musings have taken me to ecuador.

the canyon steps

why such a random place you might ask? well, i am currently in event-planning hell and any place with a beach sounds better than my sun-deprived cubicle and trying to select the perfect neck width for rented tuxedos.

while i am not in favor of eco-lodges and all natural reserves (too many bugs, too little room service), ecuador has incredible splendors, even if it doesn’t come in the form of a goose-down mattresses.

one such splendor: el pailon del diablo national park.

if the fact that it has devil in its name is not a selling point in it’s own right, let’s discuss waterfalls. they are big; they are bold; and almost excessive.

located in banos de agua santa or commonly referred to as “gateway to the amazon,” this garden of eden is full of forbidden fruits (and i am not just talking about the birkenstock-and-socks-clad tourists), mesmerizing views and a myriad of walking paths that make the hogwarts staircase look elementary.

ok, so i recognize there is no beach in banos or the park, but the waterfall works just as well for daydreams, especially if there is some under-the-waterfall action a la tom cruise and elisabeth shue in “cocktail.”

del diablo hear i come in deed…