national disappointment

Sandy-Hook-Connecticut-school-shooting-23-jpgit’s disappointing that gun control and mental illness only serve as floaters in our collective conscious until an unspeakable act of violence occurs.

it is even more disappointing that certain bieber fans thought it was more important to watch their beloved on ellen rather than coverage of the events unfolding in connecticut.

but chief amongst the disappoints is that a bill passed in michigan last thursday regarding gun control has not been repealed in light of friday’s events.

senate bill 59 would allow people with a state concealed pistol license to earn the right to carry a gun in what are currently pistol-free zones. more specifically it means that openly carrying guns is not permitted on school properties, however people who have completed advanced training (whatever that might be) with concealed pistol licenses are allowed to carry concealed weapons… in schools and public arenas.

tea party darling, rick perry, takes this one step further when speaking of his beloved texas, commenting that anyone with a concealed handgun license in the lone star state should be able to take guns on public property – including schools.

or we could even jump on board with virginia governor bob mcdonnell who is promoting discussion around arming school officials. because there is no way teachers could suffer from mental illness and/or potentially do something harmful.

so, say a potentially undocumented mentally ill person (even possibly a teacher) – can apply for a concealed handgun license, get some “advanced” training – and boom (pun intended) they are now allowed to gallivant around logical gun-free zones with (concealed) glock in tow.

well yeah, that makes LOADS of sense.

now i am not saying just because someone is mentally ill and has access to a gun they will shoot up a town, nor am i naysaying the 2nd amendment. in fact i believe in it. what i don’t believe in however, are the laws and methods surrounding the amendment.  case and point above.

when is it ever okay to carry guns onto a school campus? have there not been enough school shootings, enough accidents where kids bring daddy (or mommy’s) gun to school and shoot a classmate? and to now allow it as long as it is concealed – that seems like not only a giant leap backward, but a cruel slap in the face to the grieving parents and families of sandy hook.

rick perry, is rick perry. he is a bonafide lunatic and hopefully will disappear into an elephant’s arse sometime soon. but snyder, he still has a chance. he has yet to sign the bill.

one can only hope that snyder sees the detriment a bill like this could have, on not only gun control, but also the morale of a community. as obama said, it is time we take “meaningful action” to prevent killings, and the action starts here.



4 thoughts on “national disappointment

  1. I’m instinctively with you on every point you’ve made with the exception of your comment on the Second Amendment. As far as I’m concerned, the Second Amendment is an anachronism that has somehow transformed gun ownership into an unalienable right so fundamental that it cannot be restricted or modified. I’m still so shaken by the CT tragedy that I can’t feel anything but grief. I enjoyed your post.

  2. One of the things I always thought was great about federalism was the idea that we could have 50 different laboratories in our country to respond to an issue. You, and a reasonable half of the country think allowing teachers to be armed is crazy. The other half, equally reasonable think it’s a good idea. There are legitimate arguments on both sides. Isn’t it good that maybe a handful of states would try something unique so the rest of the country could see how well it works, rather than force conformity on the entire nation?

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