true grit: fritzi dog

photo (4)can i interest you in a porker? really, they are quite delicious.

that’s one of the greetings you may receive at neal fraser’s newest noshery – fritzi dog. nestled in the congested heart of the 3rd street farmer’s market, fritzi dog stands 8ft wide, and packs some serious heat…and im not just talking about their custom “spicy sauce”.

photo (2)while you may want to start with a porker (juicy pork with french spices) you might also be interested in his more original options such as the bird dog (turkey and duck dog), a veggie dog (you get it), a deli dog (kosher beef with mustard), a stadium classic, or their namesake entree – a fritzi dog, which combines beef and pork marinated in spicy merguez and chilean merken (whatever that is).

up your hot dog ante even further by adding one of their savory sides: bacon aioli, beef chili (just in case you want to garnish your beef with some more beef), jalapeno relish and sriracha ketchup (spicy sauce). don’t forget to add a some homemade tater tots (with their own set of sides) as well as pick from one of four delectable bun options (one can never have too many buns ya know).

photo (3)lastly, because neal knows americans like to keep it classy, even while eating hot dogs, he offers “tasting dogs” – all that rich flavor packed into 4 little inches of heaven. sharing encouraged (but may be difficult).

and so because nothing is truly more american than eating ground meat encased in circular tubing, i encourage you to go try fritzi dog. it’s delicious and down-right patriotic.

6333 west 3rd street  los angeles, ca 90036


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