everyone needs a starter yacht

i often daydream about absolutely ridiculous things. things likes yachts.

several years ago i had the opportunity to go on a yacht. and it was not just any yacht…it was larry ellison’s. helipad, dual jet spas (because one really isn’t enough), private screening room, accompanying jet skis, and a marble bathroom that had nothing on the sistine chapel. really it might as well have been james bond’s.

you know when you find yourself somewhere, and know you just belong? yeah, that was me on this yacht. it just made sense.

so really it’s only natural that ever since, i’ve taken a peripheral interest in the yachting world. mainly in that i would like to own one. a big one. like larry’s.

enter hinckley.

for those of you that are not yacht enthusiasts like myself (we all can’t be), hinckley is the heritage brand of the boating world. one synonymous with piles of old money and people with first names such as chip, bunny and biff.

interest piqued? it get’s better.

this past october all-american brand, tory burch announced they are collaborating with hinckley on the design of their T34 (that’s a new model p.s.). it’s a match made in wasp heaven, nautical stripes and all.

the T34 is your standard run-of-the-mill picnic boat. that goes up to 32 knots. and has $4,000 wood panelling. tory’s touches include textiles, colors and hosting accoutrement (wicker tray, tumblers, etc.)

as the site says, “you’ll need the rods for early morning angling, the tube for an afternoon of thrilling the kids. at sunset, the 34 will entertain you and your friends for a harbor cruise.” i mean this boat practically pays for itself. and the pretension? well that comes entirely free of charge (although sadly, the ascot is NOT included).

so it’s not quite like lar bear’s, but you have to walk before you run, or perhaps better said…boat before you yacht.

hinckley hear i come.


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