the skinny on the skimm

to wrap up this positively pundit-filled week i wanted to share my newest obsession: the skimm.

let’s face it, the older we get the more we actually care about politics, and ya know the world. but sometimes it can be dense. sometimes it can be boring (yeah, i said it). and sometimes it’s hard to decipher just what is worth knowing.

enter the skimm.

a fellow political-cum-fashion junkie (we do exist) turned me on to the daily newsletter, and now i just don’t want to ever turn it off.

short, sweet and delightfully sassy the skimm compresses all the day’s news into the perfect compact-size e-mail filled with dollops of useful information such as what to say on date (insert sports news i would never otherwise read and/or care about), or what to posit in a business meeting (stock market stats and other economical issues) i.e. you’ll sound super smart, and well i hear ceos love that.

read. join. skimm.


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