goody goody debate drops

ahh the debates are upon us again. and while everyday is much like a politico-advent calendar with both parties giving the american public shiny new charms and tasty trinkets– it is debate days that have political junkies (aka moi) titillating with delight at the mere thought of what this evening’s door will bring forth.

while the last presidential debate door may have offered up a turd (thank you obama), the vice-presidential door gave us tasty-pearly-white-filled hope (thank you biden), and tonight’s will be determine if we come back for more election gooeyness (make it good candy).

issues to be discussed?  it’s up to the voters, but my bets go on women (the vps took the lead on this before, now it’s time for the big boys to pony up), libya (even with h.c. taking the blame, this is too recent and too complicated to not be talked about), the ever favorite obamacare (duh, it was mitt’s favorite “debate camp” class), and taxes (because most people STILL have no idea what mitt/paul are talking about).

issues to be avoided? well paul ryan forcing members of a religious soup kitchen to pose for an unwanted/unscheduled press opp is one (awkwarddd), presidential sleeping at the podium wheel, the 47% (no doubt mitt will do an olympic-style linguistic jig around that one), and any and all phrases that could be termed a “zinger.” that word died when used car salesmen and hammy grandfathers were finally told they could no longer wear plaid polyester suits. leave it there.

happy debating and here’s hoping the advent gods bless us with a cornucopia of political pleasures.


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