a collection: the devil wears lacma


“portrait of arthur atherley as an etonian” by sir thomas lawrence; libertine for lacma long-sleeve t-shirt; “wild strawberries in a wan li bowl” by adriaen coorte; gregory parkinson girls’ dress. (2012 museum associates / lacma)

respect for the l.a. art scene has finally arrived. with galleries akin to those in new york and london, and notable artists planting permanent roots all along the 101, l.a. is no longer a bench player, but a full-time ace in the art world.

so what better than to use it’s new found foothold to help out fellow blossoming l.a. industry – fashion.

pumping l.a.’s normally contemporary-driven market with some serious art cred, last week lacma announced a new fashion-meets-art-meets-consumerism collaboration project dubbed “wear lacma.”

dedicated to solely working with california-based designers, the program kicked off with libertine’s johnson hartig and gregory parkinson this past friday. donning inspiration from sir thomas lawrence’s “portrait of arthur atherly as an entonian,” and adrian coorte’s ,“wild strawberries in a wan live bowl,” the duo designed a handful of t-shirts, blazers, totes, and tie-dye dresses ranging from $65 to $1,500.

while you may think this is a bit steep, remember this is art people. art ain’t cheap, and this is something that is totally going to last you a lifetime (or at least 45 washes worth till the color fades).

the pieces will be sold exclusively at lacma’s brick and mortar gift shop and all the revenue generated will be put back into the museum (ya know, because those l.a. big wigs fall short on donations).

the activation is to be ongoing, with the museum set to release their next group of designer collaborations sometime this winter.

while i appreciate the culture and l.a. of it all, let’s just hope whomever the next designers are, they opt for artwork slightly less creepy than mr. arthur atherly.


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