a collection: lillian bassman

lillian bassman.

a name i didn’t know till this past sunday, but one i wish i had known many years before.

whilst strolling the modern-design-clad walls of art-platform l.a. this past weekend, lillian bassman’s photos stood out as a nostalgic reprieve. grainy images of long-legged beauties and softly-lit ingenues warmed an otherwise loud collection of avant-garde art.

perhaps my fashion vocabulary is lacking, but lillian bassman has rested quietly under the flash of the fashion bulbs since her fame in the 40’s and 50’s. yet, she remains one of the most progressive and relevant fashion photographers of our time.

contemporaries with avedon, friends with the eminent ms. vreeland, and resident photographer of harper’s bazaar, bassman played among the best.

a welcome discovery, that has only left me wanting more.


2 thoughts on “a collection: lillian bassman

  1. Her work is spectacular. If you can see the new doc about Vreeland, Bassman is one of the people interviewed. Interesting/odd that so few women dominate (or even do) fashion photography. All the big names seem to be male. You’re too young to remember (!) but check out people like Deborah Turbeville from the 1970s…or Marie Cosindas.

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