true grit: duplex on 3rd

this entry marks a new weekly feature entitled, true grit. each week myself or my equally taste-bud inclined comrade L will be reviewing/commenting on/talking about l.a. eateries for our take on the delicious that abounds.

first up: duplex

no this not my pet name for my apartment kitchen, (although i have been known to give my appliances names), but rather the cozy name of 3rd street’s newest neighbor.

around since summer, i have passed duplex many a time and never really thought twice. perhaps it’s the funky font-type of the title (this makes a difference people), or lack of real buzz in the la scene (yes, i know this makes me sound like an ass), but nothing really lured me in until this past week. (the fact that our svp scheduled a work dinner there against my persistent demand for gjelina, well that probably helped.)

i digress.

cool, charming and tasty (and i am not just taking about the bad-boy bartender) duplex was a welcome reprieve from the hob-knobbery of other la gastro-jaunts. the décor is your uncle’s-cabin-meets-new-york-penthouse…animal pelts, broad arm chairs and splashes of stark white. the patio is spacious and cozy, and they also boast a 2nd floor lounge space reminiscent of christian grey’s would-be hunting lodge (yum).

no stranger to gluttonous evenings, my party and i ordered our version of the last supper: zucchini/squash blossom, goat cheese flat bread, prosciutto mozzarella pizza, lamb ragu meatballs with tzatziki sauce, grilled peaches with buratta, and golden beets comprised the appetizers. because that wasn’t clearly enough rich food, a mélange of bacon scallops, branzino, mascarpone polenta with pork chops, and orichette prosciutto pasta made up our main course.

i left a happy (albeit food-baby-toting) camper. the food service could use a little work, but the cocktail service remained ample and continuous (which is what really counts).

the perfect back-pocket/sloshed-cocktail dinner place, duplex is deliciously delightful and somewhere to frequent.

duplex – 8722 West 3rd Street  Los Angeles, CA 90048


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