supreme court justices in the house

they’re backkkk.

the neboulous nine have returned and are doing it gangnam style (yup).

the supreme court, no longer just a chapter in many of our us history books, stepped out with a comic book worthy wham last year making big time calls and big time press on hot button issues such as immigration, gay boy scouts and most notably, obamacare.

so this year, obviously not wanting to disappoint, american government and the justice league are upping the ante. big ticket items up for grabs? affirmative action, same-sex marriage, accountability in big business, and voting procedures.

perhaps it is because politics is much like wine, and you develop a stronger pallet for it with age, or perhaps it is the first time i’ve really decided to look up from my adolescent crossword puzzle of life to realize this issues do affect me, but the supreme court has caught my attention, and done so in a big way.

for someone who considers themselves fairly abreast of world issues, i can only rattle off a few supreme court cases that have been impactful enough in my world to make a cranial dent. roe v. wade, brown v the board of education, the us govt v. nixon, bush v gore. but on a year-to-year basis the comings and goings of the justices and their rulings remain mere flashes of noises in an already noisy news-filled fairway.

but this year, everything is different. the justices have and are continuing to penetrate youth’s social consciousness in a way that hasn’t been done in years. i very much know who chief justice roberts is, i very much look forward to his big decisions. and i very much care what the other 11 constitutional analysts have to say.

let’s be honest, i am kind of excited about it. these issues are pervasive, galvanizing and life-altering. while i may not be directly affected by each decision, i am a part of it in some distant, yet communal way. i, we, are a part of what is to be chapter 13 in our children’s children’s history books…

and that is pretty f**$%ing cool (sorry mom).


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