yakkety yakkety yacht

it’s all about submersibles. and i just want to say i called it.

there are so many ridiculous ways to spend one’s money. and the rich – well they have the attention span of an A.D.D newt, therefore demand new, egregious ways to blow loads of cash (while us peasants sit in cubicle squalor sipping on jumbo gulps waiting for 6pm to roll around…not that i’m bitter or anything. nor do i drink anything with the word jumbo on it).

i digress. so the rich’s newest fad? submersibles of course.  it all really began with poster-boy millionaire richard branson. the cool jock that always gets the hot girl first, and in this case, the hot girl is a submarine. a really, really cool one. that is not afraid to go down…with you (he called it the necker nymph for a reason folks).

naturally all the other kids got jealous, so boom a trend was born. as published in a nyt article today an easy million buys you and a few friends a 500-feet-underwater trip of a lifetime.

charles kohnen, co-founder of seamagine hydrospace corp stated that the market is still in it’s infancy (thank god, i would hate to have missed the boat on that one). he continues, “to keep things into perspective, the first helicopters on private yachts were about 20 years ago…now there are around 50 yachts with helicopters on them.”

hmm, perspective…

a bit more perspective for you: one manufacturer’s major selling point is that with a submersible, you really don’t even need the yacht. i mean they are right. who needs a yacht when you can just build a submarine driveway/garage under your private island. one doesn’t want to come off too flashy.

so basically i am about hundred-fifty feet and helicopter pad behind, but at least i don’t have to worry about things like how am i going to custom-build my yacht to store my submarine, or should i get the two or three-person model or most importantly, where am i going to find a staff that will wear shrunken sailor outfits and let me call them capitan nemo.

ahhh to be rich.


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