a second coming: j.k. rowling’s “the casual vacancy”

muggles rejoice.

j.k rowling has begun the press onslaught for her newest foray into literary genius: “the casual vacancy.”

according to an article from this week’s ad age, the 512-page novel is being kept under impervious-type-charm wraps until it’s official release date: september 27th at 8am.

but elder-wand lovers be warned, “the casual vacancy” forgoes horcruxes and hogwarts, and is replaced by a more proverbial, albeit mystery-filled, life in the quaint english countryside. “draws a stark line between this work and anything ms. rowling has done before,” “blackly comedic” and “thought-provoking” are some comments to come out of the mere 15 people who have read the tome so far. that aside, there is no doubt that the magical  (pun intended) literary froth that made harry and his adventures so popular for so many years, will also be present in this work, cajoling us to fall in love with a whole new set of misfit characters.

once released, rowling will embark upon the press tour to end all press tours: a litany of morning shows, late night jibber jabbers and the occasional radio spots. however, the fanboy (or girl) pièce de résistance comes in the form of “the casual vacancy” q&a to be hosted at new york’s lincoln jazz center on october 16th. with people lining up days in advance, tickets sold out in a mere hour and rowling devotees are already clamoring on ebay for the leftovers.

needless to say, this fangirl is quite excited, even if there are no patronus’ or the like…i will readily be standing in line for a copy.

let’s just hope j.k. doesn’t disappoint.



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