to dream a little dream


by now even those who live 8-miles deep into the brush have heard the patriotic echoes of michelle obama’s speech.

by now the gossip mags have lauded her demurely bold dress and hot pink pumps, health blogs have given america 65 different ways how to tone your arms just like the first lady, and every political pundit has tweeted, blogged, and instagrammed their own memes of the evening.

so i ask you to forgive me, if i too feel the need to take part of this public appraisal of the american dream.

michelle obama was my mother, my father, my 4th grade teacher, my unborn daughter, my first boss, and my future. she was the american dream last night, in all it’s tactile glory.

and more than inspiring hope, she gave a new understanding to that dream. it is not so much that we can acheive the impossible, or that we can rise from meager beginnings to shape our world, or even that hard work and determination pays off, because yes, we can all do those things, but what michelle obama instilled in us is that it is our god-given american RIGHT just to have that dream.

to let our imagination soar so far beyond the realm of reality, so deep into ambition, that we, political assuasions aside, can make a dent in this world. that we WILL be heard, that we WILL continue climbing, and that we CAN and SHOULD dream whatever it is we want.

that we as a country are in the naissance of our revival. and that the american dream is very much alive, in each and everyone one of our minds. that dream may differ, that dream may be so grand or so minute that to your neighbor it is nothing, but it’s ours to dream, and in that alone, it is the most undeniably american thing we have.

i am sure i am reacting exactly as the savant speech writers had intended, up in patriotic arms about our first lady’s “realness.” and i am sure that this is nothing more than an inflated political plee to keep her busband in office, but i don’t even care.

propoganda me silly. michelle, you brought me back, you reminded me what it is to dream the american dream, and away i go.


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