how it is: napping on the job

i work in fashion.

probably one of the more high stress environments (even if it is about whether the stitching was in ivory or cream – big difference people). something about gaggles of women working together make every issue a HUGE emergency that undoubtedly requires exaggerated arm-flailing and high-pitched yelling.

apparently this stress is felt in other areas of business (though doubtful they have same amount of flair we do) and companies are answering their employees stress calls with a little p.d.q.c (please-don’t-quit-care).

according to a forbes article released on friday, companies from intel to linkedin and charles schwab are all popularizing the “we love our employees notion” with on-site massage chairs/tables, treadmill desks (only i think that would stress me out more), on-site bars (uh, two olives please), campus scooters, and web cam monitored day care.

my personal favorites? google’s nap pods and an i.t. co’s bi-monthly house cleaning. the pods may be a little awkward, but without my mid-afternoon caffeine jolt (health-kick and all), i don’t really care what i am snoozing in.

to sweeten the deal even more, google offers brow waxes and beautification treatments for female employees.

it’s just like heaven in a cubicle. well for them it is at least.


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