the fifty shades of america

sex sells.

this is something we as americans already knew.

but that sex sells to middle-aged women and can help boost a fledging bookstore chain? well that’s something i bet you didn’t expect coming out of the grassy plains of the good ol’ us of a.

according to an article published by cnn money yesterday, the fifty shades of grey trilogy single-handedly managed to buoy barnes and nobles profits for the last quarter. impressive given the fact that while entertainment may embrace sex, the other half of the country pushes it away as if the mere mention of it brings about a venereal disease.

thus far the books have sold over $25 million copies to at least 8 million sexually frustrated curious housewives (and at least a half-dozen overly curious males), a fashion line has been produced  numerous spin-off tumblrs have been created, and rumors abound as casting for the upcoming movie adaptation gets underway.

besides telling us that american’s love of awful writing and the completely unrealistic has not graduated since the twilight series, this fact highlights that at the end of the day, we just really want to get a bit kinky. and maybe even spanked…

hey, christian grey put it out there, not me.


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