a collection: disney does barney’s



let’s face it. my dreams have come true.

two of my absolute favorite things have come together in beauteous harmony: disney and barneys new york.

introducing electric holiday, an homage to the characters that filled our childhood minds with tales of adventure and life lessons, now comes to life in very grown up style (and by that i mean minnie is beyond fierce in those loubs) for barney’s holiday campaign.

see i knew it all along, barneys really is the happiest place on earth.


how it is: napping on the job

i work in fashion.

probably one of the more high stress environments (even if it is about whether the stitching was in ivory or cream – big difference people). something about gaggles of women working together make every issue a HUGE emergency that undoubtedly requires exaggerated arm-flailing and high-pitched yelling.

apparently this stress is felt in other areas of business (though doubtful they have same amount of flair we do) and companies are answering their employees stress calls with a little p.d.q.c (please-don’t-quit-care).

according to a forbes article released on friday, companies from intel to linkedin and charles schwab are all popularizing the “we love our employees notion” with on-site massage chairs/tables, treadmill desks (only i think that would stress me out more), on-site bars (uh, two olives please), campus scooters, and web cam monitored day care.

my personal favorites? google’s nap pods and an i.t. co’s bi-monthly house cleaning. the pods may be a little awkward, but without my mid-afternoon caffeine jolt (health-kick and all), i don’t really care what i am snoozing in.

to sweeten the deal even more, google offers brow waxes and beautification treatments for female employees.

it’s just like heaven in a cubicle. well for them it is at least.

a collection: kaleidoscope coverings

taste the rainbow?

not quite, but you can definitely see it. this ingenious burst of public art comes from the colorful designers at ivo tavares studio in portugal.

bringing kaleidoscopic light to an otherwise droll shopping street in águeda, portugal, the design firm assembled nearly ten dozen umbrellas in varying patterns, arrangements and colors all to create the “right” amount of light for shoppers below (and yes, there is a “correct amount” of light. duh.).

magical, whimsical and moderately scientific, this is the type of art that doesn’t require you think (because who wants that), but just let’s you enjoy and nuzzle the rainbow.

next stop, portugal.

neiman marcus observations


working in luxury has it’s perks. one – getting a sociology lesson whilst doing your job.

promptly at ten am this morning, i found myself tapping at the pristine doors of neiman marcus rodeo.

what i didn’t expect was the throng of middle to old-aged women standing in the valet cue behind me. by 10:02am the store was teeming with overly-supple socialites eyeing manolos, twaddling prada’s cashmere knits, and trying on baubles that could likely be seen from space.

i immediately thought to myself, so this is where post-prime debutantes come to die.

a singular heard – migrating across the shoe department to make-up to accessories and all not-so-subtly awaiting the feeding trough 3rd floor restaurant to open their doors so they look as if they are doing something mildly productive with their time…or at least CHOSE to do this than having no better alternative.

in a way it was sad. in a way i was jealous. (who doesn’t love space baubles?) but, most of all it was fascinating.

a lightbulb went off. so this is the luxury market. rich (and mostly aging) women who have no clue what do to with their mornings (or money) so they do the wilshire cell block: neimans to saks to barneys (and down rodeo if they are feeling really lost ambitious) all before lunch calls.

had i had all the time in the world (like these women) i would’ve stayed to watch the migrating patterns as afternoon set-in, but since i did have to go back to work (rude) i left the retail safari and handed my valet stub to proverbial peacock of the pack a.k.a my wannabe-actor-slash-valet to be on my way.

quite the educational start to my tuesday.