The London pool

A few friends have come with the devastatingly genius idea of holding on to hotel keys after one has checked out so they can retain pool usage well into the summer months. Truly a flash of sun-spired ingenuity, minus the fact it doesn’t work for every hotel as we unfortunately found out this weekend.

Stealthily entering through the side door, we managed to get the front desk manager (with a winning smile of course) to let us up to the Penthouse.

There an icy Natasha greeted us with a smile no more genuine than a public restroom attendant and asked for our name and room number. Putting a jilting halt to our plans, we faux-called our friend and scurried downstairs to “meet her in her room” before they got the wiser (which by that point they probably did). Fail.

So from this we have made a mission to uncover hotel pools that have easy-access…

  1. The London – obviously a giant no, and generally stay away from Natasha
  2. Chateau Marmont – keep the key and bite the bullet on the room charge it will be worth it later on!
  3. The Thompson – Get there by 11am and you should be safe
  4. Beverly Hills Hotel – does your name rhyme with Gisele? If not, steer clear.
  5. W Westwood – Easy access, but who wants to schlep to Westwood
  6. Tropicana – Hit and miss, but be ready to rave it out
  7. W Drais – best on the list and ready for Vegas Part Deux

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