suite 100

really everyone loves to play dress-up, and as beverly hills is showing us, hotels are no exception. in honor of the great city of beverly hills’ 100th birthday, five choice 90210 hotels are snapping their suspenders, polishing their platforms and readying their whiskey carts for some very stylish suites.

inspired by the fashions, celebrities and artists that wafted through the city over the past one hundred years, each of the suites pays homage to a key decade, harkening back to those good ole days, when too much of a good thing, was always a great thing.


the montage is heading to the 1940s with a stacked chandelier-clad suite designed by nina petronizio. plush lined pillows, a vintage typewriter and a  “champagne” button that brings chilled bubbly to your doorstep, makes for the perfect writer’s retreat – all you need to bring is that 40’s film noir angst.


skirting to the 1950s, restaurant and hotel savant adam tihany, is transforming a suite at the beverly hills hotel. the walls, the menu, the drinks – it will all be dedicated the golden age and one of the hotel’s most beloved guests: marilyn monroe.


jumping forward to the 1960’s the beverly hills hilton will pay homage to conrad himself. whiskey carts, mod furniture and a 1960’s menu (including the prices) will be available to guests. unfortunately, jon hamm does not come with the package.


from minimalism to excess, l’ermitage is indulging in 1970’s glamour with a studio 54-halston-warhol suite, catwalk and spotlight included. mirrored walls, glass tables and an andy warhol ipad photo booth allow guests to explore their inner artists…and whatever else their heart desires.


and lastly, to wrap up the project into a nice little over-the-top ball is the peninsula. modern-day hollywood comes to life in the form of swarovski crystal accents (and by accents i mean, they will be everywhere), a 90-minute in-room diamond massage (because really hands are overrated), and the use of a private cabana for the day (pool boy included –tbd on the speedo though).

if the suites alone don’t tickle your fancy, each comes with a decade-specific concierge, vintage periodicals, and if you pick the right place you might even get that vintage t-bird daddy never let you have.

now excuse me, i have to ready myself for my diamond massage and a pool boy situation.


diana vreeland: the vogue years


there has always been air of dignified mystery around diana vreeland. a certain je ne sais quoi of how she turned a simple society magazine into the raison d’etre of the fashion publishing industry.

well now, thanks to her adoring grandson, alexander vreeland, part of her veil has been lifted through the new book diana vreeland memos: the vogue years. the book – a collection of over 250 personal correspondence pieces – is a fashion-fueled journey of creativity, prescience and an unwavering dedication to originality.

perhaps what is more interesting, is that the memos give detailed insight into how a she managed both creatives and the creative process.  notes to richard avedon, cecil beaton, cristobal balenciaga, coco chanel illustrate the nuance with which she operated, delicately cajoling these luminaries into producing some of their best, most illuminating work.

her notes share hints of that special sauce, that ideal formula, the one all we aspiring editors, wannabe game-changers, and deprived fashion writers crave to hold in our back pockets. she seemed to understand that perfect balance between sass and entitlement, between inspiration and execution, and through it all getting exactly what she wanted.

some may see it as ennobled coffee table book, though those who look more deeply (and you know, don’t mind following in vreeland’s footsteps) will see it is a guide for greatness.

be frisky, be direct, be original. be diana.


bil donovan the great


i never knew who bil donovan was, but i do know i’ve always loved his work.

entrancing, magical, and full of whimsy. fashion illustrations, and particular his illustrations, have captivated me since i’ve been a style-minded seven-year-old.

his work has a funny (beautiful) way of portraying the fashion industry that we all aspire to be apart of (you know, the one without screaming creative directors, 3am pre-show nights and last minute alterations).

and his most recent contribution to fashion community does not disappoint. commissioned by ny mag’s the cut, bil captured backstage moments at the likes of thom browne, carolina herrera and tadashi shoji and reminded us why we all work in such a pretty industry.



target x peter pilotto


just because philip lim hitting target this weekend was not quite enough of a fashion stir, target keeps the punches coming with yet another beyond delightful collaboration: peter pilotto. a widely known british designer duo, pilotto is going to bring their bright, multi-graphic prints to the fast fashion catwalks (and target aisle ways) in the form of women’s apparel, accessories and swimwear…all under $60.

but wait, there’s more… (i know you are thinking how could this possibly get any better. it does.). target, never one to shy away from completely outdoing itself, has elevated the collaboration by partnering with net-a-porter to sell a small, “curated assortment” of the collection.

well hello international cache (and we are not just talking canada people).

this move only further solidifies that fashion – and not just fashion, but great designer fashion – is no longer reserved for the socialite and editrix elite, but is becoming more and more about the every woman (and man).

i mean, if net-a-porter thinks so, well then it MUST be true.

see the brand’s video announcement here.

saint laurent films


we all knew hedi slimane would rattle the couture-coiffed cage of the yves saint laurent-cum-saint laurent house.

he raised eyebrows, though didn’t disappoint, with his last collection, so it comes as no surprise his debut film for the house marries whimsy with some serious fashion angst.Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 4.52.40 PM

model lida fox lithely moves about a barren warehouse clad in full (well kind of) leather and hedi’s new ballet flats, while an eerily melodic tune adds a graceful underlying narrative.

a very different YSL than we used to know, but with a video like this, it makes it easy to fall in love all over again.

watch it here.

the dreslyn

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 6.20.11 PMcoming from new york and still considering myself very much a new yorker (once a new yorker, always a new yorker, right? don’t answer that.) i adore delivery.

groceries, wine, chinese food, insomnia cookies…and designer duds.

yes, you read correctly – designer clothes that are delivered right to your door. (i mean…let’s talk about dream world.)

what once was reserved for the stylishly elite of manhattan, has finally made its way to la la land in the form of the dreslyn.

brainchild of fashion world veteran brooke taylor-corcia, the dreslyn is a west coast dream featuring a bevy of enviable brands, killer editorial and lust-worthy home goods (why, yes i would like a set of brandished tea lights thank you). i like to think of it as net-a-porter’s younger, spunkier little sister.

and did i mention they do delivery?

i mean, if that doesn’t have you then i just don’t know what will…

go. shop. do delivery.



to quote britney spears, “not a girl, not yet a woman.”

never did i think i would use britney spears’ timely lyrics to quote my current state of mind AGAIN (because let’s face it, at 16 she pegged my quasi-sexual teenage angst down to tee), but here she is poignantly coloring my emotion again…

to those that are younger, 27 seems old, mature, ripe with adulthood things like clean apartments, fiancees and a general together-ness. to those older, i am still young, naive in many ways and have oh-so-much to learn.

to me? 27 = freaking the fuck out.

putting the tragically glamorous 27 club aside, googling 27 is a digital, ego-deflating assault on what to expect in the coming year. the year, it apparently all changes.

you can read dollops such as “notice your life turning upside down (around age 27)” which refers to this delicate stage as the mystical saturn return (aka my orbital transition between youth and adulthood – duh).  or “old age begins at 27” which brightly shares that scientists have discovered that 27 is when your mental faculties really start to take a dip. yippee. depends here i come.

and if that wasn’t cheery enough, yet another article “is 27 the best age ever?” highlights the many triumphs others have achieved by this epochal age…hemingway, he wrote the sun also rises, ingrid bergman – well she was starring in casablanca, ben and jerry – yup – ice cream king pins at the age of 27.

and me.

completely, totally, entirely assured and completely, totally, entirely terrified. me. every saturday night planning on having “A NIGHT” and every saturday night, being home by 12am, undoubtedly deciding wine and my couch is far more appealing. my ears burn when i smoke pot. i am engaged (and supposed to be someone’s real-live wife). i am terrified of riding bikes. i hate my job. i love my job. i get overly emotionally during animated films.

and today i am 27. not a girl, not yet a woman.

and in this moment it hits me. 27 is a pregnant pause in one’s twenties – a year filled with expectation and transformation. the last year to be obscene, the last year when you can get away with it. all of it. it is the moment before the moment you really become an adult.

and with that i will go into 27 with wild ambition. a free heart and an open mind (forgive the hippie poetic crap, it IS my birthday).

away we go.

cycling is not good for my soul

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 1.29.03 PMi am a rare breed.

i am a los angeles born and raised denizen that HATES working out.

yup, I said it. i HATE it.

the formidable wheezing, the crimson shade of red that inevitably washes over my face, the rah-rah-rahness of instructors, the chants of supposed enthusiasm that ends up just sounding utterly absurd (“come on! i need you right now!” – really? do you need me?).

all of it. nope. no thank you.

it is one of the reasons i loved living in new york so much. no one is (or was) nearly as workout obsessed as they are in l.a. they understood that spinning furiously on a bike for two hours while contemplating if you are going to pass out is not an ideal friday night birthday party.

they were my people….or so i thought.

going back to nyc this past month i was rudely surprised. my beloved anti-gym, people-who-work-out-are-trying-too-hard city had succumbed to spin madness and barre mania.

what’s worse is that it was not just the city, but my best friends. hung over saturdays and bottomless brunches had turned into 9am yoga-spin-pilates class with instructors named arrow and pepper. (neat.)

and their current workout du jour? flywheel.

an overly-energetic spin class that makes you heave in a corner, while also pitting you against fellow riders by putting your stats up on a GIANT board for everyone to see. (double neat.)

so imagine my delight and surprise when my nyc friend came to visit l.a. and told me she signed us up for flywheel’s newest west hollywood studio.

racing anywhere after work is a pain, but racing to a class where you know you are going to suffer and inevitably look like a radish…well that holds a certain irony not to be dismissed.

macklemore and ryan lewis kicked off the class (points for them). the instructor wasn’t totally terribly (even though her arms were bigger than my thighs).  it took me a minute when our light pedal turned into a full tilt speed assault, but after i fell off the bike for the second time i really began to get the swing of things.

as the class continued and the music was pumping, i got wrapped up in pedaling to the track. i even forgot to care that my pathetic attempt at an “uphill climb” was broadcast for the entire class to see or that dropping  your weights mid-class can be viewed as mildly embarrassing.

before the hour was over, i would even venture to say i enjoyed myself (gasp!!).

while i didn’t buy a package, i did seriously contemplate the thought of coming back. and well that pretty much makes me the next jillian michaels in my book.

now if only the red puffiness didn’t come with spinning. then i would REALLY be sold.

flywheel, 8599 santa monica blvd, west Hollywood, ca 90069


a collection: the kooples do it better than you

Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 12.46.47 PMfashion films tend to be banal and self-important. fifteen seconds in you’re yawning and wondering what you are going to eat for dinner tonight (or if you ‘re really in fashion, you’re wondering what you’ll drink for dinner).

however sometimes,  something original, delightful and sexy comes along and you realize there are some people /brands doing fashion videos right.

and of course, they are french. (rude)

the kooples. they are one of the premiere hipster boutiques to line parisian streets. they are cool personified. chic brought to life. and have every bit of that french je ne sais quoi that you could wish for and more.

and so do their videos.

instead of having moody models prance through well-hedged gardens or overly stylized actresses awkwardly waltz through sound stages, the kooples took reality and showed us it’s sexy side.

four couples. four videos. all different stages of a relationship. all romantic.

and unbelievably well dressed in an array of kooples clothing.

each couple is chicer and more handsome than the next (which begs the question why i have not received my phone call yet. double rude). the videos are brief and beautiful, telling romance’s story through sly giggles, broad smiles and of course a well-coiffed elegance as only the french can do.

emulate, admire, enjoy.

(click image to view videos)